Aims and Mission

This site – run by Giovanni De Grandis and James Wilson is for the UCL Centre for Philosophy, Justice and Health’s project exploring The Just City.

These pages explore and discuss the ethical and political issues emerging from urban planning and policy-making.

We aim to bring practical problems and theoretical reflection into fruitful dialogue. Questions of justice are our main concern. However we believe that ethical and political issues cannot be understood without reference to the social, cultural, material and historical context from which they emerge. We want to have a focus, but we don’t want to have blinders!

We address a broad audience interested in urban affairs, including city planners, policy-makers, city administrations, academics and students from several disciplines, local activists, journalists and bloggers.

We aim to promote trans-disciplinary collaboration on issues that have a great impact on the life, opportunities and wellbeing of many people. We believe that the actual conditions in which human beings live, interact and experience the world generate the most important and interesting questions for political and philosophical thought.

Most of the world population now live in cities. Now is the time to pay attention to urban problems, to their roots and to ways to solve them.